Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Final Post

In ESL class my teacher asked me to do what I don't know at all and learned it. I chose magic tricks especially card manipulation which that I would have done if I had opportunity like this in other school or in my free time. I had great time while doing the magic tricks and actually I practiced and I did the magic tricks. I made the Video about the magic tricks. I made the Knowledge stage. In the knowledge stage, I still learned about how to do the magic tricks, and find the supplies and things to make the magic tricks better and awesome. Then I made Comprehension stage. In this stage I showed people the way card manipulation works and how to practiced it. I actually did the magic tricks (card manipulation) in Application stage.The last thing what I have to do is my analyze stage, and I'm going to answer correctly and simply the UOI questions.

Magic How do I communicate my understanding of magic with people?

I tried to communicate with people and audiences, but I failed to communicate with people and I failed to show people what is card manipulation and is it fun to learn.

I think I didn't do well on this project because I was too busy with other things and too much playing and I accepted the project not serious enough until I got behind by my magic tricks project, and I did it very poor effect and very low effect.
Second thing mistake and problem was that I should have made the video more contended Also my videos were less contended videos. I failed to make the videos look nice and I should have made the videos look nice and interesting for people to watch and learn, but I failed to do that.

This is my video with Mr.Jabiz.
He interviewed me about "What would I choose another topic if I can re-do the project?"

Hope you enjoy the video

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Application and Analyze

This video is about the magic trick that I've been doing for a couple of months and also I performed it.

Hope you guys enjoy it

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My magic trick movie (card manipulation)

I made this video and actually perform and told you how to do the magic trick. I will 
  • Explain how the card manipulation (Sleight of hand revealed) perform ?
  • Compare the difference between card manipulation and Illusions magic ?
  • Predict what would be difficult in these magic tricks and discuss why it’s difficult.

Hope you can enjoy and learn it so you can perform to other people and teach them too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to do magic tricks and 3 famous magic tricks in the world

Hello my name is Kim Min Chang and I'm doing my project "learn what you can't do and you don't know anything about it please enjoy my video and now I'll write a paragraph of one of the magic tricks that I'll be showing next 9 weeks.

I'll write about different kinds of famous magic tricks and the first one is Sleight of Hand move revealed also known as Card manipulation. This magic tricks most rely on fast hands and elastic hand, and also if the magicians hand are big and wide that would help when you'r performing magic tricks.

I'll tell you more about Card manipulation also known as sleight of hand move revealed because I'am the huge fan of magic and my favorite magician is David copperfield and from all his magic tricks even the vanishing one, but I still like card tricks because the way of the card manipulation and it's cool(My own thoughts).

The second magic tricks is "Illusion" magic tricks. These magic tricks don't have particular each one of magic tricks but we call "Illusion" magic tricks. It means magics that performed to people that tricks and make audience lose concentration on the detailed things that actually magicians hid from the audience. Audience god tricked and they think it's real magic.

The third magic trick is body cut magic trick , the more detailed information about this magic is that only trained or mastered magicians do this kind of magic because it's dangerous for the rookies or newly magicians that just find their job as magicians and body dispersion magic is cutting parts of body with tricks and also "Illusion" trick and usually people say "whooah !" and surprised because they didn't know the secret behind the magic, and they also think that it's real magic and body is cutting off.

Thank you for being reader and hope you enjoy it

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reflection verb

While i was making this verbs video (movie). I was fun because the things that i like and that i used to do and my hobbies are the main subject for the movie.

If i could make another video or movie for verbs, i will make it even better than this one and make it good movie for the people to watch.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Parts of speech

This video is about Adjectives, Adjectives are words that describe nouns. in this video i use adjective words. pretty, smiley, grey, blue, purple, blank, handsome, cool, skillful, practiced, polite, funky, hilarious, numerous and ext.

The funny things while i was writing i enjoyed making video because i used my favorite videos and make it better by using adjective words and i'm a little ashamed because the beat is a little bit lame and not good. If i could make it again, i will make it better than this one.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I learned about grammar and the thing that was fun to study was part of speech. part of speech are the eight categories that makes the English language. the categories are Noun, Adverb, Adjective and verb. noun is a thing, person, place  and ideas. Adverb describe or mortified verb or sometimes adjective, adverbs. Adjective is describe  noun. Verb describe an action is doing something which is throw, jump, sink. Singular noun is a noun that is only one and plural noun is a noun more than one. abstract noun is a noun that we cant touch, smell, see, hear, and taste it like for example anger, sadness, happiness ..

Compound noun is a noun that combine two words to make a new word. these part of speech are useful for our language conversation and learning skills for our grammar. i learned many things from part of speech also the capital letters, like proper nouns, it has to be capital letters because it's a name of specific name.

 Flickr was the cite that I could fine many pictures according to topics and it was good.